Happy 6 Months, Little Buddy!


Six months ago today, I was frantically raking leaves in our front yard, trying to keep my mind off of the fact that this baby still was inside my stomach. Much later that night (two hospital trips later, to be exact), out “popped” this beautiful baby boy: Lucas Alexander.

Now, six months in, I am discovering not only how different my children are, but how different my relationship is with each of them. Maybe it is because I was working so much, or maybe it was because I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, but parenting Lillian has always seemed much more like a group effort than it does with Lucas. And, in all honesty, I love sharing her–she is spunky and fun!

With Lucas, I hover a lit (ok, a lot) more. And, when I’m not hovering, Lillian is there reminding me that he needs attention (“Mommy, Buddy’s hungry; he wants milk.” “Mommy, Buddy’s crying.”). And, while I would love to say that Lucas feels more like “my baby,” I can’t. He is definitely Lillian’s baby. And, really, I hope that never changes. Watching their sweet relationship grow makes me feel pitter-patters that I didn’t know existed.

This week, Lillian is in Oklahoma, being spoiled by Grammy and Gramps, which means I get lots of pictures like this:

IMG_9523         IMG_9524

It also means that I get to enjoy the rare opportunity to have one-on-one time with Lucas. And, while I always think I’m going to get the house cleaned out or the laundry back to zero while I only have one child present, it never happens. Instead, partly because he doesn’t have Lillian to entertain him and partly because I just want to, I end up spending most of the time cuddling my tiniest person. Oh, and taking pictures (because we don’t have enough of those).


But, in these moments, I get to see how his personality is beginning to shape. And, I might be a little biased, but I think he’s going to have a pretty good one.

Happy half-birthday, Buddy! We sure are glad you are ours!


Silver Linings and Sleepless Nights

Lillian has never been a good sleeper. And, yes, we tried [insert any book, method, or schedule you can think of here]. And, after struggling for almost two years to get her to nap, go to bed on time, and sleep all the way through the night, I can (strangely enough) say that I am glad we never won this battle.

Now, I’m not saying that it wouldn’t have been nice to erase those sleepless or restless nights or that we shouldn’t have tried a little harder. I have some under eye circles and crow’s feet that would beg to differ. However, I do think that it has made this transition from one to two much easier.

I expected constant, mind-numbing exhaustion this time around. I mean, a toddler and a newborn?! Come on! I probably wouldn’t be able to shave my legs for at least a year, much less put on makeup or change out of sweats (and, for the record, I have been able to do all three…at least once). Sure, I definitely have moments that I just want to cry into my thrice-reheated coffee, and I always collapse happily into bed. But, quite contrary to my assumptions of what life with two under two would look like, I have not succumb to utter exhaustion (at least yet…knock on wood).

It’s as if sleeplessness somehow became the norm over the last two years. And, since Lucas is waking up at least every two to three hours for a snack (the kid rarely eats for more than 5-10 minutes…which is both annoying and nice), I am happy that my body doesn’t have to once again re-adjust to not having a full night’s rest.

Call it the silver lining of the less-than-fun parts of parenthood. And, I hope to find and appreciate more of these silver linings in the hours, days, months and years to come. Because, as I have already become painfully aware, this season of life flies by much too fast. So, I might as well enjoy the crazy ride ;).