But Seriously, Who Does That?!

Men! Ugh!! Who can understand them?! I mean, who does that?!

Have you said (or thought) one or more of those phrases in the last 48 hours? Was it in reference to your husband? Go on, admit it. If it helps, I’m over here raising my hand. Now, think about the same husband. How many good comments have you said about him in the last 48 hours?

Often times I find myself sharing more of the annoying moments of marriage with people than the good moments. And, when I share them, I dwell more on them. And, that’s completely dumb because those moments make up a negligible amount of our time together. It also paints a much bleaker picture of marriage in general and encourages others to complain about their husbands. Because who doesn’t love a good husband-razzing session?

But, I’m calling crap on this now. Not to say there aren’t genuinely appropriate moments for lamenting or advice-seeking. That’s why God made girl friends. But, we are prone to misuse these moments, sliding right past the zone of appropriateness into gossip and complaining. Let’s do something about this, friends! Let’s challenge ourselves to praise (I said praise, NOT WORSHIP) our husbands. Let’s focus on the amazing things instead of the dirty socks on the floor. Cough, cough. I didn’t say this would necessarily be easy.

Here, I’ll go first:

599956_10100542609029078_567909000_nBecause of my faith, I believe that marriage is a picture of God and the church. That, in essence, it is to mirror that relationship. Recently, during a meeting with some wonderful women, we began discussing how God lavishes his love and gifts on us (feel free to read Ephesians 1 for more details). And, as we were discussing how he gives us his best gifts, how he almost obnoxiously lavishes us with them, I immediately thought, “This is what my husband does!!”

Every holiday, I know that I will get a present that is hand-picked for me, and it will be the best on the market. Because that’s what my husband gives to me. He spends an enormous amount of time making important financial decisions (almost annoyingly so, sometimes), but he picks out the best. He gives the best for me. I don’t even have to worry about there being something better or more perfect out there. He already gave it to me.

This is just one small snippet of how amazing he truly is. But let’s just embarrass him with one thing at a time.

How is your husband amazing? Feel free to be as cheesy as you’d like, just keep it G-rated, because I only have so much space in a trashcan to lose my lunch.

23 thoughts on “But Seriously, Who Does That?!

  1. Haha, I love how honest you are! My boyfriend is amazing for always supporting me and being hugely patient when I’m being a diva e.g. when he helps me take pictures for my blog and the first 30 photos just aren’t right 🙂 You are so right, we have to praise our beloved ones, but it’s just so difficult sometimes!! Great post ☺️

    • Thank you! It really is so difficult…almost awkward…sometimes to talk up our significant others. But, it’s so, so easy to point out their flaws. And that should be completely the opposite! From what I’ve seen on your blog, your boyfriend does a pretty good job behind the lens!

      • I totally agree!! Thanks, I will let him know 😀 He is so patient when it comes to that because he knows how much it means to me ☺️We gotta show some love to those messy-heads from now on!

      • your so right it can be so easy to point out flaws and oddly hard to praise sometimes. I think this is a great post to remind us all to praise more! thank you for this

  2. Great post! It hard not to dwell on the negative sometimes, but I do love how my husband gets up with our little ones every Sunday so I can sleep in! It’s something I look forward to every week! The kids love it to, they get some fun daddy time after he’s been at work all week!

  3. Funny! ☺️😁 I started to read this and the first thought was: yes, I’m not the only one that feels some angry stuff about the hubby. And after reading some more I started feel a small guilt. You are so right! My husband too is amazing and he does amazing stuff for me. For example every Saturday he wakes up with the kids (which are awake and ready for the day at 7am). And he does this just because he knows how tired I am all the time and he wants me to get a day of sleep in. ☺️ You opened my eyes! Thanks! ❤️❤️❤️

    • I am glad you got something out of it! I need to be reminded of this daily. And, that is so incredibly sweet of your husband!! I hope you were able to rest this morning!

  4. I try very hard to follow this advice and praise rather then complain as to be complaining doesn’t help much. So after reading this I’ve set a reminder for myself to do it at least once a day just praise and see what happens

  5. This is such a lovely post! Although I’m 19 year old guy, I can definitely relate with this in some way. And the idea of being more positive, about anything if you ask me is a good idea! Hope you really do follow Your advice! 🙂 Have a lovely weekend! 🙂

  6. First off, I am in love with the layout of your blog! It’s adorable. But also, I absolutely loved this post. You’re so right, it is so easy to dwell on the negative instead of focusing on the positive. Such a great reminder! Thank you!

  7. Great post! You are absolutely right about dwelling on those negative things. I just recently wrote a post about things I needed to change in myself. Love the article! Great job!

  8. this is such a fault of mine! My husband is always telling me that I only remember the bad things he does instead of the nice things he does. Just today, he surprised me with a “fall” blanket he found for me at target. Its orange and plaid and seriously goes perfectly with my fall decor. Hopefully I can remember these little things he does instead of the things I think are bad-which probably aren’t bad anyways! great post 🙂 xox.

  9. well that was convicting. I need a serious mommy time out… Like a week off. And I just got finished fussing at my husband for washing a dress that has to be hand washed. He was only trying to help and I just let hi have it.

  10. My husband is SO patient with me! I’m very “excitable” (meaning I’m bouncing off the walls with energy sometimes… and sometimes I get frustrated by little things, haha) and he’s always there to celebrate with me or cheer me up, whatever my emotion is! He’s a great one 🙂

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