Sleep is for Dads

You know the drill, mom of young kiddos. You are staring down the 5th (or more) sleep-deprived day in a row. But you soldier on, through the runny noses, spilled juice, spilled milk, spilled unidentified liquid (or did someone wipe her nose on the couch?), and you survive. Then Daddy comes home and asks what’s for dinner. And the tears pour down your face. And he knows it’s his turn for the night shift.

You are thankful for the help. So, so thankful. Even though you know that tomorrow he will be exhausted–more exhausted than anyone has ever been before. It will take him weeks to recover. There is no way that you, mom, would be able to understand the utter exhaustion he will be feeling. “It’s different,” he’ll say. And, you’ll roll your eyes.

But, in the back of your mind, you know it’s true. Sleep is for Dads. Coffee is for moms. And you need somewhere to put said coffee. What better place than in your very own “Sleep is for Dads” mug. Which, conveniently for you, are now stocked in the blog “store” (I use the quotation marks because there is currently only one product). Snag yours now until 10/31 for 20% off with the code SLEEP20!


Cookie does not come with the mug. But, go ahead and grab yourself a treat to go along with your much needed coffee! No judgment here!

12 thoughts on “Sleep is for Dads

  1. Haha super cute mug! And its so true..I don’t think my husband has ever taken the “night shift” alone. I still always wake up, even if its not me getting out of bed. I am awake the whole time my daughter is awake and until I see her little body fall back asleep & cozy in her crib!
    Just like when dads get sick..its going to kill them & when it happens to mom, she must keep on trucking! Cute post 🙂

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