Happy Birthday, Lillian!


I blinked and here you are—two years old! This year has flown by so quickly. And, I’m not quite ready to admit that you aren’t a baby anymore.

Right now, here are a few things that make you so uniquely you:

  1. Your confidence skyrockets when you put on your princess tutu.SAMSUNG CSC
  2. You love to pray (or “pay,” as you like to call it). I hope this never changes.
  3. You like to share. And, you hate it. Welcome to the human struggle.
  4. You are one of the most empathetic human beings I’ve ever met. Watching this develop in you makes my heart sing. And, when you ask me “What’s wrong?” and give me a hug, my heart melts. I wish I could take credit for this, but it’s really just the sweet spirit God gave you.
  5. You LOOOOOOOVE sparkles, princesses, and all things girly. But, you also love cars, trains and planes.IMG_2701
  6. You love the outdoors.FullSizeRender
  7. You are so curious. In fact, currently, two of your favorite characters—Alice (in Wonderland) and Curious George—are all about curiosity and adventure.FullSizeRender_1 (1)
  8. You still like to rock before bedtime. This is our special time together, and I will milk it as long as possible.
  9. You sleep through the night….FINALLY!!
  10. You love coffee. And you steal it from me any chance you get.  IMG_2238
  11. You are Mommy’s girl in the morning and Daddy’s girl at night. But, you would trade us both for Uncle Nathan or Aunt Hannah on a dime.
  12. When you want something, you tell me in question form, followed by “mmm-hmm.” For instance, “Watch show? Mmm-hmm.” Or “Cake? Mmm-hmm.”
  13. You are such a sweet big sister, and you love your little brother. You like to help me change him, and I’m surprised at how good of a little helper you can actually be. But, when you are ready for some Mommy-Lilly time, you quietly ask me to go put him in his swing.FullSizeRender_1
  14. You know SO MANY words, and you can use them surprisingly well. You know to say “you’re welcome” after “thank you,” and “sorry” when you’ve accidentally (or not so accidentally) done something wrong. You also know that “stairs” are “steep”, “babies” are “cute”, “friends” are “fun,” and it’s “good” to be “nice” and bad to be “mean.” Add in the animals you know and you’ve still only reached the tip of your vocabulary iceberg.
  15. You love to “go.” Which, who can blame you? Staying in the house can be suffocating. I don’t know where you got this character trait from 😉
  16. You love all your aunts and grandparents (and even a few uncles, even though men aren’t exactly your favorite people right now). And, I love seeing you develop a special, unique relationship with all of them.
  17. You weasel your way into ice cream any chance you get.   IMG_2911
  18. You think that my phone only calls/face times Grammy. If I’m talking on the phone, it must be Grammy. However, your toy phone can call Grammy, Kimmy, Hannah, Nathan, Maddie and Marcus. It must be a newer model than mine.IMG_1791
  19. You finally eat more than cheese! Like rice, Chick-fil-a, chocolate, cake, Annie’s bunnies, goldfish, cereal, waffles, and biscuits! We are still working on vegetables. One day you won’t pick everything green off you’re plate.10689626_10152671438156609_514145815159967880_n
  20. You love books, especially miniature ones.IMG_4717
  21. In fact, you like miniature everything. You especially love your miniature Barbie teacups.
  22. You love bubbles! Both blowing them and in the bath.FullSizeRender (1)
  23. You love puppies. But, no, you can’t have another one.
  24. Besides being fantastically cute, your eyes are incredibly beautiful.

I know that you won’t always want to wear your tutu or be rocked to sleep. In fact, some day you’ll stop constantly crying “momma,” and you’ll even want to go off and leave me. But, one thing that I pray never changes is your sweet, yet bold, personality. And, I wish for always that you could see yourself through my eyes.

Happy birthday, my tiny, wonderful princess!! Mommy loves you! Also, a whole slew of other people love you, too.